Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Is Not Sufficient To Focus On Exercise To Lose Weight

Nowadays, one of the known causes of diseases is obesity. According to statistics, almost 6 out of 10 adults are overweight or are obese. With regards to health, obesity is an issue. Many would exert lots of effort in order to face this detrimental health problem. Since obesity is understood as energy imbalance in the body, the energy taken from food should be balanced out by spending them through physical activity or exercise.

Though exercise has been the favoured solution by many in order to lose weight, experts say that exercise is useless without the right diet. True, exercising a lot and doing plenty of physical activities would lead to burning calories. This would also lead to losing weight. Even if one burns more calories through exercise, this would bring no results if one continues to compensate the loss by taking more calories. In other words, the loss would be compensated by eating the wrong kind of food.

Diet is the best explanation why there’s a huge difference between the obese and non-obese individuals. It is noted that those individuals who have slim and fit bodies have diets rich in fiber and low in fat. The food they eat are often healthy and will not cause weight gain. By contrast, obese individuals have diets consisting mostly of fats, sugar and processed foods and avoid foods that are actually healthy for them. Because of obesity, many are considering prasouda diet.

In the end, we need to recognize the fact that obesity is not caused by moral malaise, sloth and gluttony. Obesity happens because we are bombarded with unhealthy foods. And consuming this food is the reason why many people end up being obese. But by choosing the right kind of diet and avoiding food that causes obesity, obesity will be ended.

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